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Crest Nicholson and Phase 4 and 5

01 August 2018 07:30

Although the Bolnore Village CIC does not manage Phases 4 and 5 ofBolnore we attended a meeting with Crest management two weeks ago. The roads on Phases 4 and 5 are still owned by Crest and not likely to be adopted by West Sussex County Council for around 18 months (all at the same time) at which point street lighting, pavements and road surfaces will have to be up to the standard required for the council to take it over. Crest were keen to stress that they have no interest in delaying this as West Sussex County Council are holding £2 million of their money until they complete this work, complete drainage work and reinstate the original narrower junction at the Parkfield Way junction by the Barn.

Crest will be close to completing all construction work in Bolnore by the end of the year. Drainage work in Phase 4A (Renfields/Trubwick area) will be completed by September. The drainage work will take place over the summer and be inspected in the third week of September. Road works will then take place from September to Christmas at which time the bus gate (bollards preventing access to/from Bolnore Road) will also be installed.

After nearly 20 years of building work (nearly 30 if you include the planning process) Bolnore will be “finished”. This will also result in the removal of all signage, flags and other advertising paraphernalia around Bolnore and we are looking at clarifying the future status of land that is still owned by Crest but managed by the CIC as part of the estate, including the area of the barn not being purchased by the new nursery.