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Frequently Asked Questions

Areas of Responsiblity in the Village

The Bolnore Village Community Interest Company

The BVCIC is responsible, through its appointed estate manager, for all communal areas of Bolnore as well as the blocks of flats and communal areas within them. This includes hard surfaced parking areas on Middle Village Square and off-road resident parking areas that aren’t maintained by the highways authority or privately owned. The BVCIC is also responsible many landscaped areas (although not the playgrounds or the Tim Farmer Recreation Ground). These include large meadow near the Barn, the formally planted areas at the front of homes on Heyworth Ride, the smaller wooded areas off Weavers Mead or between Brooklands and Lower Village, the green areas outside playgrounds and the various balancing ponds around the Village.

The BVCIC has also inherited responsibility for the upkeep of the Community Garden on Updown Hill from the Bolnore Village Residents Association and this is managed with funds raised from normal fundraising (sponsorship, donations etc) rather than from the estate charge.

The Bolnore Village Community Partnership

The BVCP is a registered charity that is solely responsible for the management of the Woodside community building and the adjacent car park both of which are leased from Mid-Sussex District Council. It also manages bookings on the Tim Farmer Recreation Ground and floodlit Multi-Use-Games Area on behalf of MSDC. Visit the Bolnore Woodside website for more details.

West Sussex District Council

West Sussex District Council is the local highways authority responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of nearly all roads and footpaths in Bolnore Village. The exception to this is “New Bolnore” where roads, pavements and lighting is yet to be “adopted” by the council pending satisfactory completion and is therefore still the responsibility of Crest Nicholson.

As the local education authority, West Sussex District Council is also responsible for any issues relating to the school.

Mid Sussex District Council

Mid Sussex is a local government district in West Sussex. It includes the towns of East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill. It covers an area of 128.97 sq miles (334 km2) with an population of 139,000. The administrative headquarters is at Oaklands, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath. Visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Housing Associations

There are several social housing associations within Bolnore: Affinity Sutton, which owns Wickens Court on the Square, Hyde Martlet, with homes on Brooklands, Highbank Cattswood Lane, Middle Village and Pierce’s Lane and MOAT with properties in “New Bolnore”.

Additional Estate Management Companies

There are two additional estate managers who are responsible for managing smaller areas of Bolnore.

Haywards Heath Town Council

Haywards Heath Town Council has limited powers and is mainly responsible for organising local events and acting as a first tier of local government. It comments on Planning issues (e.g. putting together the Haywards Heath Town Plan) and has a small budget that in the past has assisted local volunteer groups or paid for benches, planters or grit bins.

Pembroke Property Management

How do I pay my account to Pembroke

Visit the Pembroke Property Management website.

What issues are Pembroke responsible for?

Pembroke are responsible for the “common areas” of the Village as well as individual properties and apartment blocks. They take care of all the day-to-day maintenance, issues and legislation involved in owning a block of flats or residential estate.

Pembroke manage all the finances and facilities in each apartment block. With an in-depth knowledge of current regulations and legislation.

Pembroke also collect the ground rents and estate management fees.

Where do I report issues that Pembroke need to address?

Email or call 0333 3442 100.

Is there a charge for buying and selling in Bolnore Village?

Pembroke PM prepare comprehensive Management Sales Information packs for individuals selling their house or flat. Management Packs are usually required by the buyer’s solicitor before exchange of contracts. As this is not a communal service charge cost item, it is payable by the individual seller requesting the information in connection with the sale of their individual property.

Pembroke issue the Management Packs by email to the seller’s solicitor, and our target turnaround time is 5 working days from receipt of payment of their fee. Property owners should ask their solicitors to contact Pembroke at

The Management Pack includes the following information/documents:

  • Replies to Law Society recommended form LPE1 where the property is a flat (form attached for reference), and replies to FAQs where the property is a house,
  • Copies of the last 3 years’ certified service charge accounts,
  • The current estate service charge budget and reserve fund information,
  • A statement of account for the property being sold,
  • Insurance policies,
  • Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessment Reports,
  • Major works information/copies of Section 20 Consultation Notices,
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Management Company, BVCIC
  • Residents Handbook; and
  • Post completion requirements.

We trust that the above information will deal with conveyancers/buyers’ queries. If, however, following the provision of a Management Pack, additional enquiries are referred to us, a further fee may be considered for the additional time spent responding.

What if I have an emergency outside office hours?

Pembroke Property Management offers an out of hours emergency line to clients. This ensures residents have access to a dedicated professional team who will provide emergency assistance whenever it is needed. The office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Outside of these office hours, the emergency contact number to dial is 0345 646 0213. This is available 365 days a year, including evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

Is there a Bulletin Board that provides up to date information?

Yes. A new feature has been added to the Pembroke website which allows residents to check the schedule of works to be carried out or to find updates to a variety of issues for phases 1, 2 and 3.

Before raising queries with either Pembroke or the Community Interest Company, please check for the latest updates on the Bulletin Board as it may provide the answers your questions.

All maintenance related issues, whether concerning property or landscaping, should be addressed to in the first instance.

Anti Social Behaviour

There is an abandoned car or bike in the street, what should I do?

There’s graffiti on the walls, what should I do?

Email Pembroke on or call 0333 3442 100.

Where do I report general vandalism?

If you see it happening dial 999. If it’s after the event dial 101.

Where do I report fly-tipping?

Visit the Mid Sussex District Council website for more information.

What do I do if I notice anti-social driving in the village? This is defined as driving that is careless, deliberately aggressive or dangerous.

Visit the Operation Crackdown website to report it.


My street light doesn’t work, who should I report this to?

Visit the Lights on in West Sussex website and enter your postcode, then select the light that is broken.

My lift isn’t working, who should I report this to?

Email Pembroke on or call 0333 3442 100.

Who empties the “dog poo” bins?

Visit the Mid Sussex District Council website for more information.

Who do I notify if my rubbish bin / recycling bin / garden waste bin hasn’t been emptied?

Visit the Mid Sussex District Council website for more information.

Where can I read your Privacy Notice?

Visit the BVCIC Privacy Notice page for more information.