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Social Media

21 February 2018 08:00

Social media has made it very easy for us to communicate quickly and easily with family, friends and acquaintances, as well as sharing experiences and letting others know of our opinions and beliefs. These opinions and beliefs may be about world events or local affairs, politics or religion, interests, affiliations, organisations, products, people and a wide variety of other topics. Our conversations and comments can be closely targeted or widely broadcast to the point that depending on the subject, they can go viral.

What we say online has consequences and the Community Interest Company is keen that our Facebook Pages are the source of accurate information and portray a positive image of the Village. We have been accused in the past of "censorship" when we have removed particularly inconsiderate posts and we are keen that residents do not engage in heated online discussions! We will continue to do so where appropriate. If you have generic questions about a particular issue try our Frequently Asked Questions page on the website. Alternatively you may email us for further help.

As we have written before, our Facebook sites are not the place to report specific problem. These should be addressed to our property management provider - Pembroke Property Management.