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Rubbish at Christmas and what to do with it!

22 December 2017 09:00

It would be easy to forget the few simple rules about recycling when you are surrounded by all that torn wrapping paper, empty bottles, worn out batteries and the like.

So, here are a few reminders to ensure that what gets thrown away after Christmas always goes in the rights bins.

  Yes please No thank you
From meal times Paper and card from crackers Paper serviettes
  Jars - washed a bit Kitchen towels
  Foil trays - washed a bit Cling film
  Glass bottles  
  Juice cartons  
  Paper hats  
  Tin foil and mince pie dishes  
  Plastic cream pots, aerosols (empty)  
After meal times Coffee jars Plastic sweet wrapper
  Plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, chocloate boxes  
  Foil and plastic blister packs  
  Washing up bottles  
From the presents Wrapping paper, but not the shiny stuff Worn out batteries (take these to the Co-Op in the Square)
  Gift tags  
  Cardboard boxes  
  Moulded plastic protective packaging  
  Christmas cards (these can usually be sent to Charity shops  
From afternoon tea Plastic pots from dips and soft drinks Crisp packets
  Plastic trays from sliced meats and cheeses, glass jars  
  Round cardboard crisp tubes  
General All of the above!! Carrier bags
  Food cans - washed a bit Polystyrene
  Ready meal pots / takeaway containers (not a Christmas surely!) Black sacks
    Food waste