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Cardboard - 290,000 tonnes of it

29 November 2017 09:00

Filling up with cardboard at Christmas

The UK is estimated to use 290,000 tonnes of card packaging at Christmas, enough to wrap Big Ben almost 260,000 times. Sadly, it doesn't all make it into a recycling bin.

But what happens to the card that does? First it gets mixed with hot water to turn it into pulp and the ink, staples, plastic and glue are removed. Then the clean fibres are pressed together, dried and wound onto reels ready to be turned into new products such as: office paper, newspapers, books and magazines, jiffy bags, loft insulation, new boxes and packaging, animal bedding ... and even road surfaces!

So there you have it. Don't forget though when it comes to Boxing Day. Please ensure you put it all in the recycling bin.