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The wrong things in the wrong bins

22 November 2017 09:00

Carrier bags, black sacks and polystyrene

These are the items that continue to be found in the recycling bins that shouldn't be there!

If you place these items in the wrong bin, it will mean that your bin may not get emptied, the collection team will place a big sticker on the bin and you'll be left with a bin that is overflowing. In the event that the collection team "don't notice", then the entire bin load is contaminated and this reduces the value of the remaining materials.

You'd be wrong to think that "this isn't my problem"! There is a cost to everything and in this case it's to your rates. If you scale up your own bin across the entire Village, it all mounts up to a much bigger problem. Your actions will be denying everyone the possibility of a rate reduction or at the very least no increase.