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Here are some positive ways you can make a difference

14 September 2017 08:45

Waste costs – recycling earns!

Here are some positive ways you can make a difference.

Make sure you recycle all of the following items, but don’t put them in a plastic bag before doing so!!

All junk mail, cereal boxes, egg boxes, newspapers, catalogues, magazines, takeaway containers (cleaned first though please), tin foil, wine bottles, beer bottles, jam jars, food cans, drink cans, pet food cans, deodorant aerosols, milk cartons (NO tops), trays for food, fruit and ready meals.

The plastic tops of milk cartons and bottled drinks are too small to be sorted mechanically and tends to degrade the value of material in which it ends up. There is a collection point at the Princess Royal Hospital for these.

Again, you may think it’s not worth it but scale it up to Bolnore and it does make a difference.

Visit Think before you throw for more information.