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11 September 2017 08:45

Is this the last word on "Parking"?

Parking continues to be a subject that generates the most conversation! It is always mentioned when I speak to residents and is often the subject of emails received! Let me state once again that Bolnore Village Community Interest Company has NO control over the situation. We will continue to work with all relevant authorities to try to make improvements but make no commitments that anything will get accomplished. There will be no “double yellow lines” painted (as per WSCC), no “parking control zones” and no other formal controls over parking.

The Village was designed in accordance with Government Planning rules which covers such things as housing density per acre, road widths and parking. Crest Nicholson, for all their faults, built according to those regulations. We know that many garages are simply not big enough to accommodate a car. We know that many garages are used for storage of household goods of one sort or another. We know that everyone wants to park outside their own front door. We know that most houses have two vehicles and that they have to “live” somewhere.

If you have to park on the street, I urge you once again, to make sure you park appropriately. Remember that pedestrians are road users too and that they need access to the pavements and to the dropped curbs for their pushchairs and mobility vehicles. Drivers are part of the problem AND part of the solution! I know I go on about it but there really is little the Community Interest Company can do. There is much more that drivers can do though in ensuring that the road is used more appropriately.

It is frustrating to hear and I know that many of you won’t like to hear it. However, it is, what it is.