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Road Safety Campaign ends

03 August 2017 09:00

Our road safety campaign was highlighted on Facebook and on our website in July. The hope was to raise a few key points about how each one of us can, by being a bit more aware, make a difference. Within the Village, speeding, parking and driving without a seat belt are the key issues. The argument that “I’m just popping to the shop” and therefore won’t wear a seat belt is no excuse in the eyes of the law. Playing the numbers game of thinking “I won’t get caught in the Village” similarly is no excuse for exceeding the 20 mph Village speed limit. What example does it set for young children? And yes, it does matter!

The quick survey at the beginning of the month indicated that of those people who responded, there are two vehicles per household and two allocated parking spaces. If this situation is replicated across the Village, it continues to beg the question of why there are so many cars parked on the street. May I once again, urge those of you with parking spaces to use them?  

A couple of months ago I highlighted the issue of the “cobbles on the corners”. The question is this: if the road was laid out simply as pavement and road, would you park on the corner? Generally the answer is, I hope, no. Why, therefore, is it deemed acceptable to park on the cobbles?