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What does research say about our attitudes to using the roads today?

15 July 2017 09:00

Driver distraction – specifically text messaging and social media use are seen as the biggest issues affecting drivers’ safety

Traffic congestion has seen the biggest short-term rise in terms of a growing problem on the roads There is a recognition that older drivers make up some of the safest drivers but there is support for the over 70s being required to undertake another driving test

There is strong support for increasing the age of licence renewal to 75

Speeding in residential areas is a bigger concern for drivers than speeding on motorways with support for automatic enforcement in 20mph zones and general support for 80mph limits on motorways

There is solid support to restrict the hours new drivers are allowed on the road at night and limiting the number of passengers they can carry

Drink and drug driving is the biggest issue which the police should focus on – with over half of drivers believing it should be their first priority

A majority of drivers consider advanced driving tuition an effective measure in improving driving skills