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When driving can we safely make or take a phone call

20 July 2017 09:00

Scientific research clearly demonstrates that a driver cannot safely control a car and make or take phone calls at the same time.

Deaths and injury caused when a driver is distracted by a mobile phone are completely avoidable and a senseless waste of life.

The number of casualties in crashes where a driver was using a mobile phone is difficult to establish. But, research in simulators has shown drivers who use hands-free phones are up to four times more likely to be involved in a crash. Texting or smartphone use whilst driving increases reaction times by up to 35%.

Using a phone causes physical, visual, mental and auditory distractions, leading to significantly slower reaction times. IAM RoadSmart research shows it can be more distracting than driving with alcohol or cannabis in your system. Conversations on hands-free mobile phones also distract and that is you should “switch off before you drive off”.

What are the penalties?

Your licence will be have six points added.

There will be a minimum fine equivalent to 50% of the driver’s income