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Youthful exuberance or wanton vandalism?

21 June 2017 10:50

Reports continue to surface of damage or destruction to trees in and around the Village. Most reports refer to children or young adults as being responsible. So is it simply over excited young people or a more deliberate action to destroy stuff. I'd like to think it is the former, in which case I would ask parents to please talk to their children and ask them to be more careful. Knowing where they are at all times is a good place to start! Personally, I fail to understand why anyone would deliberately destroy or damage trees, flowers or our woodland - but it happens nonetheless.

There is a significant financial cost associated with such damage, a cost that is paid by residents.  Parents have a responsibility for the actions of their children and it is parents who will eventually pay, through increases in the service charge, for the damage caused.  Children must be made aware that their actions have consequences. Damage to trees is socially irresponsible and it is something that the Community Interest Company takes very seriously. We are determined to ensure that the Village is, and remains, a safe place to live and work. 

I do accept that it may well be individuals who do not live in the Village but equally I have to accept that it may well be! I would ask all residents not to hesitate to report to the non- emergency number (101) if you see anyone damaging trees or property. If you should know and can prove, who is responsible then please email me at