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The interweb thingy and our approach to “social media “

15 June 2017 08:00

Everything is online these days and without such a presence, places, people and products simply don’t get a look in. Simply having such an online presence doesn’t guarantee that you will get noticed. In order to improve our visibility on the internet we have taken a number of key decisions this year. It is pretty much taken for granted these days that most users never get to any search result that isn’t on the first page presented to them. As you are aware we completely upgraded our website to make it more appealing and the Community Interest Company is committed to making and keeping the Bolnore website number one in the search engine results.

To do this we have created a new Bolnore Community Interest Company Facebook Page which is supported by a new Twitter account. We are posting items on a regular basis that both inform or educate. We believe that by doing all of this and linking it all together, we will ensure that what people read and understand about the Village is relevant and factual. It is using all the available resources to actively promote the Village.

You can help use to achieve this objective by "Liking" our Facebook posts, by "Following" us on Twitter (@BolnoreCIC) or by clicking any links that take you to our website.

View our website for the latest news, getting answers to those “Frequently Asked Questions” or getting access to our Property Management Company – Pembroke.